WOW Room Guide for participants

Once you sign up for a session, you will find a link to the room in the program and in your account. Open this link in your browser to connect to the session. We use IE university's WOW room for our meetings.

  • Use Firefox as the preferred browser (alternatively Chrome).
  • When logging into the platform, please click SIGN IN AS GUEST USER to get access.
  • Please log in a few minutes prior to the start of the conference in order to check your network connectivity.
  • When speaking, be sure to use headphones with a mic to avoid echoing and noise disruptions.
  • When not speaking, please turn your mic OFF.
  • If you are not presenting, please DO NOT touch the slides.
  • Close all other computer programs to ensure optimal connection.
  • If possible, avoid Wi-Fi connections that are shared with many users.
  • If the video conference call drops, please wait patiently for the presenter to re-connect.

For general assistance during the conference, use the HELP button to contact IT located in the menu at the bottom of the screen.