The AScUS Unconference will use the innovative WOW Room, developed and made available by IE University. The WOW (Window on the World) Room is a physical space located on IE’s Madrid center with 48 screens that comprise a digital tapestry of 45m2 shaped in the form of a “U” and with up to 200 degree vision. Initially the AScUS Unconference was planned to include an in-person event for those participant located in or near Madrid, and we looked forward to using this amazing space for this event. However, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic our event will now be remote-only, and we will use the software that is available as part of the WOW Room.

From IE University's website:

The WOW Room benefits from a SyncRTC video collaboration platform customized specifically for the project. The WOW Room provides advanced videocollaboration solutions that require low broadband levels to ensure effective participation of students using any kind of device from anywhere in the world.

"The WOW Room allows students to connect and collaborate no matter where they are, even if the only way they can join is through their mobile phone at the airport”, says Jolanta Golanowska, Director of Learning Innovation at IE. “We are using a heavily customized version of software from SyncRTC, which allows us to collaborate without any delays and gives the faculty a range of tools to make the class extremely engaging. At the same time, the whole system is user friendly and requires minimal technical support to run”.

The AScUS organizing committee is excited to offer this technology to the AScUS participants, and our test and rehearsal sessions indicate that this innovative platform is very suitable for our digital event. Participants will not be required to install any additional software, and can access the sessions from their regular browser (Chrome is recommended). Participants will be able to connect ahead of the conference to try out the system and do a test run if they want. More detailed instructions will be provided by e-mail.

We would like to thank IE University, the WOW team, and our host organizer Matan Mayer for providing us with this platform and assisting with the necessary logistics.

Clik here for guidelines to use the WOW room